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How I Work

My foundational approach is psychodynamic which means that the counselling relationship forms an important part of our work together. Early experiences help to shape who we are  and influence our sense of self, capacity for emotional regulation and how we function in relationships. We will explore your present and past relationships and experiences to develop a deeper awareness of patterns and beliefs and their impact on you and your day to day life. 

My practice is trauma-informed and I can use EMDR therapy as an evidence based therapy for a range of trauma related issues. I embrace an embodied approach, paying close attention to the present moment, exploring sensations, feelings, thoughts and dreams to deepen awareness. As an embodied practitioner, I am interested in how our bodies express and contain our past experiences and can be worked with to access and understand our emotions and facilitate growth and healing. I consider counselling to be a collaborative and creative process and sometimes use mindful or creative exercises where this feels relevant and helpful.

I believe in our capacity for change and have seen through personal and professional experience how counselling can encourage our natural instinct to grow, heal and find meaning in our lives.

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